How to Make a NumYo


Introduction: How to Make a NumYo

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In Total Drama (I can't remember which one), Harold had two Yo-Yo's that he tied together and called it a NumYo. This may have been cool to you or just some lame thing on television. For me, it sparked some creativity in my head. So if you've been searching the internet to make one of these, then this is probably the only thing you've found and will find. Trust me, I've looked. Anyway, this is really easy and I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone (if you have one) and make this. I only spent $2. :)

Step 1: The Yo-Yo's

You're gonna want to get two Easy Yo-Yo's or that sort of thing. This way, you can use the NumYo without unraveling it.

Step 2: The Conecters

In Total Drama, Harold tied two Yo-Yo's together, but the kind we'll be using have plastic rings on them so that they don't get lost in the ball. What you need are two sandwich ties. Just use these to tie up the two loops

Step 3: Done!

Now you have a NumYo that you can use in fake Martial Arts. Have fun with it, and make sure you don't have a jerky friend around who will throw a stick at you.



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    I enjoy this instructable very much. I will proceed to create a NumYo and do fake martial arts with it haha. Hopefully I won't have a jerk friend around to throw sticks at me! Thanks again for the great tutorial. Maybe my mom will love me again if i make this.

    well you could make this into a real weapon add a length of thin chain to both yo yo balls effectively making it a grapple chain or a hammer chain

    2 replies

    Haha nice. I don't think the cheap plastic could support it, but it's definitely a step up from the original concept.

    I've seen ninja weapons with two small scythes attached with a chain, which could be an adaption.

    Another idea to make this more of a weapon is to cover the plastic covers with some small pieces of metal and jb weld for added weight and protection

    man, this is so cool!

    Oh yeah. I suppose this is like an easier alternative. Those guys are real yo-yo ninjas.

    This reminds me of Freehand Yoyoing or they are also called 5A tricks.

    This is an example.