How to Make a Paper Airplane


Step 1:

You will need: one piece of paper and nothing els...

Step 2:

First fold your paper in half long ways open up paper then rip on crease you'll only need one piece the with that one piece fold in half again open and fold both sides on to the crease.

Step 3:

Next we will fold paper in half top to bottom the fold top to corners how you would fold on a paper airplane the fold top two corners in to the paper the open up not fully then open the side only one.

Step 4:

You'll know see a little diamond shape the bottom of the diamond you'll have to fold edges in then fold on to the side of the paper then pull paper down and fold In the bits that are sticking out then open them then get the bottom of the paper pick up and fold into the bits that were hanging out.

Step 5:

Know this is getting confusing well you'll have to open the top corner and fold how you folded before by folding in one side then open then fold in how I do the close it the turn the paper over and fold in corner into the paper then do the same on the other side and you done.

Enjoy!!! Sorry this was really con fusing



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