How to Make a Paracord Box Braid

Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Box Braid

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Step 1: Materials

- scissors
- paracord (obviously)
- lighter

I have found that it take about 8 inches of each color per 1 inch but an extra 6 inches for the diamond knot

Step 2: Starting the Braid

- 1 wrap end around finger
- 4 run second color under finger
- 3 begin as depicted
- 4 tighten
- 5 continue as depicted

Step 3: Ending

Cut and singe the ends of the color you don't want as the diamond braid

Step 4: Beginning the Diamond Braid

- 1 loop around finger
- 2 make a loop as depicted
- 3 take the unused end and go under the other and over under over as depicted
- 4 bring top strand around and pass the loop around your your finger under and through the center hole
- 5 do the same with the other strand
- 6 tighten

Step 5: Finished Product

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