How to Make a Paracord Dog Collar





Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Dog Collar

You can make this collar to size to your dog or even maybe your cat. Remember to have fun with this. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

For this collar you will need: Paracord (one or two colors), A buckle, scissors, a D-Ring, Measuring tape and matches or a lighter.

Step 2: Mesuring Your Dogs Neck

Start off by measuring your dogs neck with a flexible measuring tape, or measure his/her old collar. For every inch of collar you will need a foot of paracord, for example I am making a 16" collar (it would be 15" if it wasn't for my dogs abundance of left over skin) I will need 16' of paracord. If you are using two colors use 8' of each color if it is a 16" collar. When you have made the collar you should be able to fit two fingers into it easily but not to loose to fall off. (PS I am not choking my dog that is just what he looks like) :)

Step 3: Cut and Burn

When you have it measured cut it at your marked point. Once you have cut it the end is going to be frizzy so put it over a flame until it is kind of like syrup, then wet your fingers and dab it. Make sure that you pinch it flat enough to fit in the buckle.

IMPOTANT: Don’t pinch and hold on you could burn your fingers just dab it. If you are using two colors melt both of them at the same time and pinch them together.





Step 4: Finding the Middle

Match the two ends together and run your hand down the segment to find the middle, when you find it make a crease in it. I will show in the next step why you need the middle.

Step 5: Getting It Ready

Start by inserting the ends if the paracord into the bottom of the female end of the buckle. Pull it through till there is a loop at the end. Then put the ends through that loop and pull it tight, make sure again that the ends are even.

Step 6: Last Step Before Starting the Collar

When it is through the female end of the buckle put it through the male end and make sure that it is the right length of collar, and make sure for a third time that the ends are even still.

Step 7: Starting the Collar

Start by putting the right strand over top of the two main middle strands. Then take the left strand and put it over top of the right strand, but under the two middle strands and through the loop made of the right strand. After you have done that stich put the left strand over the two middles and the right strand over the left strand, but under the two middles and through the loop. Do this for about five stitches then move on to the D-Ring step.

Step 8: Putting on the D-Ring

Slip the D-Ring onto the two middle strands making sure that the bended part of the ring is facing the outside of the collar so you can put a leash on it.  Start by putting the strand you are on in front of the ring (as in going down the collar) and putting the other strand over that one, under the middle and through the loop. You do not have to put any strands through the D-Ring or anything and just continue on for a couple more stiches and then push the stiches up the collar like in the last photo. After you are done this step keep on braiding it till you can not fit anymore stitches on it.

Step 9: Last Step

When you are done you should push the braids tight and see if you could fit anymore stitches on it. Once you have done that you should have two lose ends like in the first picture, cut those ends till there is like 0.5cm left. Then melt them like you did when you just had one strand of paracord, and push them onto the collar so they are flat on the collar.

Step 10: You're Done!

You are done! Now you can give it to your dog or cat and they can proudly wear it around the house or for walks outside.

Step 11: Vote Comment and Follow

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