How to Make a Pin Cushion




Introduction: How to Make a Pin Cushion

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This traditional seamstress craft is easy to make in a few minutes.

You will need

7-8 inch circle of fabric (you can use a small salad plate to trace the fabric out if you are unsure of the size) or Spoonflower has a great kit here by Anda preprinted. We used Kona cotton for ours at the Etsy/Spoonflower Craft Party.
3-4 inch circle of felt

Step 1: Cut Out Your Fabric

Lay out your fabrics and cut out a large circle of 7-8 inches (the size of a dessert plate) for your top. You can grab a plate out of your kitchen to trace if you don't have one.

Cut out a small piece of felt (3-4 inches) for the bottom. You can use a tall glass as the template for this.

Step 2: Sew Around the Edges of the Pin Cushion

Taking a basic running stitch, sew around the edges of the circle. If you are not familar with a running stitch, look at this great Youtube video. These should be big loose stitches. I used embroidery thread for this so it's easy to see and pulls the pin cushion together easily.

When you have finished, pull the thread making a small circle to prepare for stuffing it.

Step 3: Fill With Stuffing

Put stuffing in the hole until full. Normally a small handful is sufficient. A small bag of stuffing will give you 100-200 pin cushions. Perfect for a party craft or surprise Christmas presents.

Step 4:

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