How to Make a Pony From My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic




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I got the inspiration for a clay My Little Pony because I was looking online for Big Macintosh toys. They were only in the surprise packs. And since I have never had luck with surprise packs, I decided to make my own ponies!

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Step 1: Supplies

-black clay

-white clay

-clay of any color for the....
Legs, body, head, ears, or the optional wings and horn.

- clay of any color for the....
Mane and tail

-Clay tools

-Scraps of clay for details

Step 2: Making the Body

To make the body take your first color clay, and start shaping it to make it look like a pony's body and neck. (Tip) I lightly pinched around the middle of the body to give it a better shape.

Step 3: the Head

For the head, take a ball of your first clay color and pinch one of the sides so it kind of looks like a ramp. This will be the muzzle. Round out the head. I noticed male ponies have more of a rectangle shaped snout, while the females have a sharper snout.

Step 4: Makin' the Ears

The easiest part is the ears! To make them, take two balls of your first clay color and squish them until they are flat (but not too skinny and flat) and squish the top corners together to make the ears pointier.

Step 5: Legs

Take four balls of your first color clay, having two balls of clay smaller than the other two. Then, roll them until they look like hotdogs. After that, all you need to do is flatten one end of the "hotdog" to make it hoof-shaped. To make the back legs, take the bigger hooves you have and make it go inward a bit at the top (the end you didn't flatten).

Step 6: Eyes

For the eyes, take two small balls of white clay, any color for the iris, and black for the pupil. First squish your white so they they look like ovals. Then, squish the color clay you are using for your iris, into circles. They should be small enough to fit on the white ovals and still have some white showing. Next, squish the black clay and put that on the iris color with a little bit of your iris color still showing. I added really small white dots inside of the black for detail.

Step 7: Ears + Head

This step is easy! All you need to do it blend the ears in on the sides of the pony's head. I used a clay tool to blend it.

Step 8: Legs + Body

To connect the legs to the body, just blend the clay (the way you blended the ears to the head in step 7) Remember , the legs you bent inward are the hind legs.

Step 9: Body + Head

Do the same thing for you did with steps 7 and 8. Remember to blend the head and body really good, because my pony's head kept falling off!

Step 10: Seeing Eye Pony

THIS is actually the easiest step! Press the eyes onto the head of your pony (place it under the ear).

Step 11: Mane (and Tail) Attraction

To make your mane and tail, take two block of clay of the color you want. There is pretty much no official way to make your mane, but I'd base it off of a picture or drawing. (In my case, I came up with the pony)

Step 12: Mane + Tail+ Body+ Head

I think you know how to attach clay parts by now, so attach your mane to the head, and the tail to the rump! You're almost done!

Step 13: Details

For details you might want to take a clay carving tool and scratch a mouth and nose on the pony. Also, make a cutie mark out of scrap clay (my pony's cutie mark is fire). You can also do other details such as.....


To make wings take four balls of your first clay color. Press out two of them and make them look like claws. Then, take the other two, and make even bigger and longer "claws". Then, attach the smaller "claw" to the bottom of the bigger ones. To make horns take one ball of your first clay color and roll it like a hotdog. Keep rolling one end until it is a bit sharp. You are done with the wings and horns!

Step 15: Attaching the Magic

Attach the wing right after the mane ends on either side of your pony. To attach the horn, just put it on one side of your pony's mane on their head.

Step 16: DONE!

You are now done with your own my little pony! Depending on if it air dries or oven dries, make sure it's dry. My pony is a pegasus I created named Timmy, and his cutie mark is fire. You can also see my Big Macintosh I made. (P.S. If you make a clay pony, post a pic in the comments!)

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16 Discussions


3 years ago

I really like the Big Macintosh! By my profile it is obvious I'm a pegisister/brony. Once I get more clay I'll have to make a pony!


5 years ago

Ha! Me too, I always start a project, and always never end up finishing! I was about to mod the pinkie pie I have into baby surprise but I'm worried I'll ruin her!


5 years ago

TimsProjects, great idea! But I'm lazy!


5 years ago

Also, another way you can make a big Macintosh is by modding another pony into him? Just a suggestion.


5 years ago

Ok I will! :D


5 years ago

TimsProjects, I'd really like to see the clay pony if you make one!


5 years ago

Thanks guys for the compliments and suggestions! :D


5 years ago

To make the ponies (or any clay project, for that matter) cleaner looking, I would recommend sanding the clay after it is baked/dried, and then paint and/or glaze it. Also, I would recommend painting the eyes and cutie marks, rather than using clay, to keep them flat and natural looking :)

I'm not a Brony but I find myself here.

Be specific about the clay to use. I see here you used oil-based (otherwise known as plasticine).
It might be better to use polymer clay since it's colored and hardens to plastic when cooked.


6 years ago

Can you make more instructables on things like this!?


6 years ago

OMG! I love the big Macintosh! And, my name is timothy! I will make one soon!