How to Make a Pool Table




Hey guys my name is clay on my profile I do DIYs on minecraft so here's how it works you post in ...

Okay I'm going to show you how to make a pool table you need 6 lime stained clay blocks
Or something that's green and 10 trap doors this is real simple because since school is in my way I put studies first so sorry for the lame tutorials but here yall go

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Step 1: The Base

First put a grid of 2 by 3 out of the green block you are using

Step 2: The Side

Put trapdoors all around the side shown here

Step 3: How to Get Your Idea on My Profile

To get your idea on my tutorial is post a comment on the latest video including what you want me to build and your idea will be posted on my tutorial that you want me to do.when your done I would put this in a bar or in a basement

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    U have 9.5 alpha claytrasser? Nice same as me somehow on my iPod I have 8.1 and I find diamonds Way often then 9.5