How to Make a Portable Speaker

For this speaker you will need : Empty chewing gum pot Earphones A paper clip A screwdriver

Step 1: Make a Hole

Get the chewing gum pot and a screwdriver. Push the screwdriver into the back of the pot to make a hole big enough for the end on the ear phones.

Step 2: Paper Clip the End

Get the end of the earphones and about a inch away from the end put a paper clip over the wire.

Step 3: Put the Wires in

Put the end of the earphones through the hole that you make In the back of the pot. The paper clip should stop the wire form going all the way through the hole. Now put the rest of the earphones in the pot and close the lid

Step 4: Done

Now you are read to play. Turn up the volume and take off the lid when wanted to be used :)



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    5 years ago

    How loud does it get