How to Make a Poster by Just Using Your Printer

Introduction: How to Make a Poster by Just Using Your Printer

Just using your printers scanner you can make your every own poster which can be used for promotional or personal use. This is own as xerox art, where a person creates a piece by putting an object on the glass, or image area, of a copying machine and by pressing "start" to making an image. The benefits of using this method compared to computers is that you can make interesting effects also its doesn't cost you bomb. Below you will find easy steps on how I created my poster, if you don’t understand something I have created a video which goes more in depth.

Step 1: The Materials Needed

Step 1: The Materials Needed

Paper A4
Coloured Pens
Blue tack

Step 2: Plan Your Idea Down on What Design You Want to Make.

Step 2: Plan your idea down on what design you want to make.

Step 3: Research

Step 3: Research images you want to use on your poster, this can include your own images for copyright purposes.

Step 4: Print Out Your Image

Step 4: Print out your image, it must be no bigger than A4 size of paper. Paste it in word to check if its position the way you want it.

Step 5: Scissors

Step 5: Once you have printed the image out you want, use your scissors. This is where the layering of the different images comes in. Don't leave any background of your image in, be careful with cutting delicate parts out.

Step 6: Cut All Your Images Out

Step 6: Once you have cut all your images out, you need to position them the way you want them. Blue tack helps them stay in place.

Step 7: Create a Background


Step 8: Done :D

You're done :) 

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