How to Make a Pull Ring Fuse

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Step 1:

You first need a book of paper matches

Step 2:

You also need some masking or painters tape and a small piece of duct(duck) tape. And a paper clip

Step 3:

You new to pull the matches out of the book, but save the striker. Set the striker aside, you'll use that later

Step 4:

You then cut the staple from the matches. Set 2 matches aside with the striker.

Step 5:

You then need to pull the remaining matches into groups of 2s or 3s.

Step 6:

You then need to take the masking tape and take a 3inch strip. I made mine longer and stuck it to the table to make it easier

Step 7:

You then take the sets of matches and line them up with the paper, like in the photo

Step 8:

Once you have that done you need to take a second piece of tape and put it on top of the matches

Step 9:

You then need to cut off the " shaft "of the match just below the match head. You should have something like this

Step 10:

Now you take the striker from before and put a piece of duck tape on the back and trim the excess tape off. You then take a paper clip and make a ring with it.

Step 11:

You then need to take the 2 matches that you set aside before and take them to the side of the fuse. You then need to trim off the tape that covers the colored match head. ( I set my matches too high, that's why it didn't light right away in the video.)

Step 12:

You then put the striker through the loop of the paper clip and put it over the matches. Then put a rubber band around it. The tight ER the rubber band is, the tougher it is to pull, bu I it's too loose it won't light

Step 13:

And it's done!!! Feel free to comment and/or follow me. Thanks( sorry I can only get a link to the video)

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