How to Make a Pump Action Airsoft/ Bb Machine Gun., Super Easy!!

Introduction: How to Make a Pump Action Airsoft/ Bb Machine Gun., Super Easy!!

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Here im going to show you how to make an awsome airsoft machine gun using supplies that almost anyone can find in there homes or work places. Fun to horse around with friends using this little easy to make airsoft gun.
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Step 1: Supplies/ Tools

Here in the picture shows everything you will need to put your pump action machine gun together

Step 2: List of Supplies

1x bicycle air pump
1x empty pop bottle with lid
1x smooth bore aluminum 6mm airsoft shotgun barrel(if you dont have one than a BIC pen shaft or a breakline will work as well)
1x rubber or plastic tube
1x roll of duct tape
1x handle of some sort to glu to your gun.
Other supplies needed:
1x rubber bands 1x hammer and a nail/screw
1x hot glu gun

Step 3: Step1

First things first, lets glu our handle to the bottle, this step isnt really nessasary but it gives the gun more of a gun look and allows you to hold your gun comfortably.

Step 4: Step2

Once that is nice and secure take your bottle lid, hammer, and nail and nail a hole in the lid big enough so that the barrel can fit through. Then glu this all in place so that it is air-tight.

Step 5: Step 3

Put your lid back on the gun, your gun should now look like this...

Step 6: Step4

After all that take your air pump and connect it to the rubber tube, secure it with an elastic band to ensure that no air will escape.

Step 7: Step5

Now here comes the tricky part...
You must drill a hole using the nail & hammer or using scissors, then take the hose connected to the air pump and stuff it in the hole youve drilled, now put hot glu all around it to make sure that no air could escape. Now that thats done you can find a suitable place to tape your air pump on, i personally taped mine to the bottom of the handle so that i could pump it like a shotgun but do whatever you need to. Here i what it should look like when its done,

Step 8: General Info

If you havent noticed already this design can also be used as a water gun but then you would need to place the pump ontop of the gun so that water doesnt leak in. You can also modify your gun by giving it sights or special camo tape, heres a picture of mine...
Notice how i added airsoft/ paintball rails so i could add forgrips, red dot scopes, ect. Remember... I am not responsible for any inguries, use at your own risk

Step 9: Info

If your looking at this right now and wonder if you should make it, here ill give you some awsome stats about this gun.

Range: 10-60 feet

Fps(feetpersecond): about 100-150

Rounds per pump: 1-10 round bursts per pump

Batteries/co2 needed: none

Easy to make: yesssssssss

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    The bbs go inside the bottle. the way it shoots is when the air pump is pumped, the air is pushed up through the air tube into the bottle full of bbs, and since the only way for the air to get out of the bottle is through the barrel, bbs are sucked up and shot out of the barrel at high velocities. Enjoy:)


    6 years ago

    Where do the BB's go?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I think you should refine the design a little bit, maybe give us some specs on how far it shoots.