How to Make a Rainbow Loom Beaded Keychain

Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Loom Beaded Keychain

Step 1: Supplies

•10 Ponybeads (color of your choice)
•27 A colored bands
•10 B colored bands
•Rainbow Loom Hook
•Rainbow Loom
•Key ring or snap hook

For the A colored bands I will be using blue and B colored bands I will be using pink. Also I will be using black beads and a snap hook.

All of these items can be purchased at a local craft store.

Step 2: Setting Up You Loom

Line the rim or outer pegs of your loom with your A colored bands. End bands should stop on the last peg of middle row.

Make sure your red arrows are facing away from you!

I did not take a picture of this step because the blue bands blend colors with the loom...

Step 3: Beading Your B Colored Bands

Start by taking your first B colored band and stringing it through the Ponybeads. Do this to all B colored bands.

Step 4: Placing the Beaded Bands on the Loom

Take one of your beaded bands by the loops and set them up on the second pair of outer pegs.

Step 5: Finish Set Up

Repeat step 4 until you reach the third to last pair of pegs.

Push down all rubber bands on the pegs.

Once this is finished add a "cap" band (should be an A colored band) to the last peg in the middle row.

Step 6: Looping

Turn your Rainbow Loom around so the red arrows are facing toward you.

Take your Rainbow Loom Hook and grab the second band on the last middle peg. Once you have the second rubber band, bring it to the second peg on the left.

Step 7: Looping ( Part Two )

Take the bottom band of every left peg and bring it to the next peg up. While doing this step you may notice a shape kind of forming a tear drop, that is fine. You should finish when you get to the last peg of middle row (has arrow in front of it).

Repeat Steps 6&7 on the right side of loom.

Step 8: Finish the Keychain

Now that all of the looping is done, it's time to finish the keychain!

Start with your hook; push it through the channel of the last hook in the center row (the peg with an arrow in front of it). Once you have done this, angle your hook to the side where all of the rubber bands are visible. Push your snap hook over all bands once you can see them.

Step 9: Here's Your Key Chain!(:

Grab your snap hook (or key ring) and pull it off of your loom.

Hope this helped you(:

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