How to Make a Rainbow Loom Fishtail



Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Loom Fishtail

So, if you don't know this, I absolutely LOVE bracelets. I don't have a rainbow loom, but recently bought a bag of the loom bands, and sorta took a leap and did it with my fingers. This is how I tried it. Enjoy! :)

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Step 1: Easy Part

So here im making a pattern of two colours. Pull your first band around into an "8" shape and slide it on your middle and index finger. Place a different colour on top of it on your finger, and then another with the original colour. Pull the bottoms of the bottom band and lift them both up to the center of the space between the fingers. Then, place another on and do the same as you did with the first( the pulling up thing!) and then keep adding and pulling until you have reached your desired length

Step 2: Don't Panic!!!

If it starts to look like this give the bottom bands a firm tug

Step 3: Step Three, Yall

Wallah! I made mine shorter, but you can totally make yours as long as you want to.

Step 4: Your Beautimus Masterwork!

Take it off and pull off the two hanging bands at the top. Fasten an "s" clip on both sides and you've done it yaaaaay

Step 5:

Please enjoy

Step 6:

Please subscribe/ fallow

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