How to Make a Rubber Band Bracelet Without a Weaving Loom Kit

Introduction: How to Make a Rubber Band Bracelet Without a Weaving Loom Kit

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Introducing my 3rd instructable. This one shows how to make a rubber band bracelet but without the rubber band weaving thingy. This is so easy. So I'm sure it'll be easy to follow.

• rubber bands and clip kit(usually @ Walmart in the craft section)
• a few minutes

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Step 1: Slipping on the First Band

Push your first band into one of the sides of the clip and push the other in too.

Step 2: The Next Band and So Forth

Next just slip the next band in the two hoops created by the first band and repeat this step until there are enough bands to fit your wrist remember the bracelet will stretch on your wrist

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