How to Make a Shed Roof on Minecraft

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Ever wanted a shed in Minecraft? Well now you can!'I have the shed roof! This may be confusing to do but you can figure it out.

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Step 1: Make a Flat Shed

This maybe small but it can be big if you can make it remember: Have a stone slab roof.

Step 2: Extend

Extend a bit it is too easy.
Then mirror it off the front.
Remember:Put the glass!

Step 3: Doors

Put the doors down.
Oh no! The glass won't fit!
Add glass blocks!

Step 4: Finish Off the Roof

Just put in the slabs

Step 5: What It Looks Like Inside!+ Doing Up the Inside

Look at that roof!
To spruce up the inside just add the chest,crafting table,furnace,stonecutter,and a panting.

Step 6: Bigger Model+smallest Model

Just do everything the same but bigger.
This is the smallest model ever!
All models are the same just there small,medium,and large.

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