How to Make a Simple Burger

Hi im going to show you how ta make a simple but good burger

P.s Im from sweden so sorry for my bad english

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Frying pan

Step 2: Heating the Pan

Heat the pan and then add some of your delicous butter

Step 3: Cooking the Meat

After your butter has melted you can start cooking you meat.
Just lay the meat on the pan and wait for like 1/2 mins. After that you can flip it and wait another min. (Add more butter if the pan is looking dry) Now you can add some spieces and then flip it again. Now add the spieces on that side! Now you can turn the heat off.

Step 4: The Bread

Now what i do is i'm heating the bread on a "breadrost"

Step 5: Final Step

Now its time to "make the burger" just add on what you want an enjoy the burger

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    5 years ago

    In sweden its called "grillkrydda" wich means grill spices