How to Make a Simple Envelope



What You Will Need

1: Scissors
2: Sticky Tape And Or Glue
3: One A4 Sheet Of Paper

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Step 1: Cut and Fold

Make A Square Following The Steps Bleow.

Step 2: More Folding!

Folding The Two Corners To The Middle (To Make The Variation Skip This Step )
Then Fold Bottom Up 2cm OverĀ  The Two Corners That You Just Folded
Fold Tip Inside The Envelope

Step 3: The Variation

Unfold The Two Corners And Fold Up The Bottom 2cm Over The Line
Fold The Corners In Fold The Tip Down (As Shown In Sconed Photo) Unfold The Bottom Triangle ThenĀ  Run A line Of Glue

Step 4: How to Seal It

This Is The Variation 2 Envelope, The Mini Envelope

The First Piece Fold It Diagonally Like The First Fold, And Cut It
Fold The Top Down 2.5cm At The Widest Part
Make A Mini Envelope Put Glue On The Back Of It Glue And Put It On
Put A Dot Of Glue On The Mini Envelope And Seal It And You Are Done

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