Get Ready to Take Back Skyrim! T-shirt




Introduction: Get Ready to Take Back Skyrim! T-shirt

About: Hey! If you have a ps4 then please feel free to add me at Piercethekc and if you have twitch please follow my channel BastthePrincess :D I am a co-streamer for AmasisGaming

Step 1: Supplies!

You are going to need a pencil, some large paper, card board, scissors, a marker (not shown), box cutter (s), metallic (or whatever you want) acrylic paint, mod podge clear acrylic sealer, paint brushes, annnd a reference (game case, necklace, picture, whatever you want!)

Step 2: Start by Drawing the Symbol

I folded the paper in half then in half again, to make it have a middle point. Then i placed my necklace in the middle and copied the edges to show the size. Then i took my ruler and brought it out to a what i thought was a good size, after that i drew the inside how i saw fit. Once done cut it out!

Step 3: Trace

After you cut it out of the paper trace it on to a piece of card board

Step 4: Cut

Start cutting out the symbol with a box cutter.

Step 5: Place the Cut Out

Put the cutout over the T-shirt then just start painting!

Step 6: ALL DONE!

Paint and outline it c:

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Oh wait i read that wrong


    5 years ago

    @Jack Moran this is what we did for the back :p

    14, 2:36 PM.jpg
    Jack Moran
    Jack Moran

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes Skyrim is still Awesome!, Nice T-shirt. it would be a nice colour blend of you did the White logo on a black T-shirt.

    Wow it turned out great, I didn't know cardboard took to being stencils that well! Thanks for sharing!