How to Make a Slime Farmer in Terraria

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Step 1: What You Need:

Slime statue
Wire cutter
Dart trap
1-sec timer
3-sec timer

Step 2:

Find a place to build and make a platform.

Step 3:

Make a two wide and three high room with a one block hole for the darts to go through. Then make it in a enclosed space like shown in the picture. Then put a lever on top

Step 4:

Put down the slime statue and the dart trap like shown then put the one sec timer on the dart trap and the three sec timer above the statue.

Step 5:

Wire the slime statue to the 3 sec timer and the dart trap to the 1 sec timer then connect both wires to the lever.

Step 6:

Have fun.

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3 years ago

Cool. I'll have to try this.


4 years ago

OK thanks. I'll try but it deleted my character.