How to Make a Small Petal/spike Bracelet

Introduction: How to Make a Small Petal/spike Bracelet

About: Hey guys. I am just trying to show people some cool things that they can make out of duct tape! :) btw, i am the one with blue hair.

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Step 1: Supplies.

You will need: -a cutting mat or work space. -an x-acto knife or scissors -duct tape -ruler(optional) -velcro(optional)

Step 2: Pick Your Colors/ Prints of Tape.

I usually only get one or two colors to use, but you can do whatever you like. :)

Step 3: Cut Two Strips of Tape That Are a Tad Bit Longer Than Your Wrist

I like to make mine a little longer than my wrist to make sure it's not too short.

Step 4: Stick the Two Strips Together.

Flip one piece of tape with the sticky side up and place the other piece sticky side down on top of it.

Step 5: Trim Them So There Isn't Any Sticky on the Sides.

Step 6: Cut It in Half.

Step 7: Take a Color of Tape and Cut It at 2 Inches.

The width of duct tape is 1.88 in. So it wont be a perfect square, but thats ok.

Step 8: Take the Peice of Tape and Make It a Petal Like on a Flower.

Take the piece of tape and make it to where the sticky side is facing you. Fold the right hand corner over and the sticky should make the letter "L" on it. Next, fold the left side over to make a triangle and the bottom should be a straight line.

Step 9: Place the Petal on the Strip.

Put the petal with a little of the top hanging off. Flip it over and there should be some sticky on the sides, flip them over on the back.

Step 10: Make Another Petal With Your Next Color and Attach It.

Step 11: Keep Making Petals Until You Reach the Length You Want It.

Step 12: If You Don't Want to See These Marks on the Back, Cut a Strip of Tape the Length of Your Petal Bracelet and Cover It Up.

Step 13: If You Have Velcro, Put It on Like This. If Not, You Can Use a Magnet or Tape It Together.

Put one piece of the velcro on the end of it. Take the other piece (sticky side up) and put it on the piece that is stuck down. Then take the other end of the bracelet and put it on there.

Step 14: If You Want to Try Something a Little More Advanced in This Style, Check Out My Other Instructable on Petal Bracelets. :)

Step 15: Don't Limit Yourself to Just Making These As Bracelets, They Are Great for a Lot of Things.

You can make them for dog collars, necklaces,anklets, anything! You can even just stick petals on the end of a clutch for a nice look like how i did in the pic! :) good luck :)

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    6 years ago

    These are awesome! Once I get more ductape ill make it!!!

    aqua 12
    aqua 12

    6 years ago

    Hi this is cool!!;)


    6 years ago

    @socksmonkeysduckstapeI really dont mind, you can go ahead and make an instructable on it. :)


    6 years ago

    It is ok! Go ahead! I don't mind! :)