How to Make a Snail Eraser House

I started building snail houses last year. One day my mom wanted to recycle some shoe boxes and I asked if I could have them because I wanted to make something. I got the idea of using snail erasers when I bought a couple of them at my school with some tickets I earned for being good in my classroom.

This instructable is good for kids 7 and up.


Step 1: Get Your Supplies

Get everything you'll need: an empty crayon box, clear tacky glue, nail polish, scissors, snail erasers, tissue paper and pictures of your choosing.

Step 2: Make a Door!

Use the scissors to cut windows and doors in the shoebox. Be sure to get help from your parents if you're little or are unsure how to use scissors safely.

Step 3: Add Carpet!

Cut some tissue paper to fit the bottom of your snail house. Draw whatever you want on the carpet (I drew a rug with the word, "Meow" on it). Glue the carpet down...but be careful. First, lay down some scrap cardboard to protect your workspace. Next, lay a bead of glue along the entire perimeter of the box (especially along the door). Next, put a small dab of glue in the middle of the room. Lastly, lay the carpet down and press the tissue paper down into the glue.

Step 4: Make a TV!

Cut out a 1" x 1" piece of tissue paper. Cut a piece of scrap cardboard into the same size. Glue them together. Add a small piece of paper cut from a magazine to simulate the TV screen. Glue the TV to the wall of the room.

Step 5: Add a Chair!

Find a small plastic or cardboard package and cut out a corner. Put your snail in it and put them in the room.

Step 6: Add Snail(s)!

Put your snail(s) in the room and have fun pretending! Thanks for reading my first Instructable; I had a lot of fun writing it.



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    3 years ago

    I am glad this is fun to do and I will be making another one be ready this one is hard but fun:)
    P.S I am not going to real snails in it!:)


    3 years ago

    Good!!Love it