How to Make a Snow Lantern





Introduction: How to Make a Snow Lantern

Make your garden into a winter wonderland with some snow lanterns! Let it snow!



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    cool idea but should post photos and maybe type in some words about it because my computer is having issues with wifi and its not loading the video right now. I think I might make a solar one, just angle the panel vertical so snow doesn't stack up on it and it will recharge the batteries in the day.

    Wow... another awesome video. This one is actually really cool. Unfortunately, it does not snow here. :-( Would definitely love to try this out though. Great job.

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     If it doesn't snow at your place where do you live anyway (if i may ask of course). Because over here for ones. Our little country ran out of salt.
    I live in the Netherlands by the way.


    it's funny my brother and i made i igloo ones. And i lighted 1 candle it (at night of course). That created enough light already.

    haha in Minnesota we have plenty of snow :) but at te moment its summer.... which sucks

    These are gorgeous, aren't they? I learned to make them as a kid while in Finland. Lining your walkway would be a beautiful way to welcome guests. My Mother has always made ice lanterns as well.

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    my family is from finland, i have always wanted to go there... the closest i got was england

    If you take some high intensity LEDs you can make the lantern different colors also.

    lol , i tried this it came out awsome, except i didnt use snowballs , i made mines with chinese food containers , for anybody who has dry snow just add some water, i mad mines with dry snow

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    Oh, so you used the chinese food container like a mold to make snow "bricks". That could be pretty neat. :)

    Nice idea. I'm sure you could build off of this and build some pretty amazing things. Even multi-layer, multi-candle sort of things. Maybe even Christmas lawn decorations? I wouldn't know though, since the nearest snow is a few hours from me.

    That is a lot more light than I would have expected from a single candle. Very nice project. Someone with snow sculpting skills could probably build on this idea.

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    it doesn't snow much in oklahoma, except for last years ice storm!

    Thanks for that great instruction video. I can't wait to try this. ( :