How to Make a Soda Rainbow (Deviantart Muro)

Introduction: How to Make a Soda Rainbow (Deviantart Muro)

Hello. In his tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a rainbow in Deviantart Muro. However, I'm not just going to show you how to make a rainbow. A soda rainbow seems more appropriate. The image shows what the final product should look like.

Step 1: Step One: Red

For the first step, you're going to want to select the "Dr. Pepper" tool at the bottom. This will make everything you paint look fizzy, like a soda. Then you're going to select a red color, and make an arc with your mouse. This should be the outer most layer of your rainbow. Make sure you give yourself enough room for the other colors, for it may not look as good if it's cluttered.

Step 2: Step Two: Orange

If you are unfamiliar with the rainbow color sequence, it goes a little bit like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Since the first step was red, the one next up is orange. So your going to change your color to orange, still on the Dr. Pepper tool, and start drawing. When you draw this layer, you should overlap it a little bit with the red, so it looks seamless.

Step 3: Step Three: Yellow

For step three, you're going to do the exact same thing as you did in step two, except with yellow paint. Just select the yellow color from the color wheel and paint it onto your canvas. If you're seeing that you may not have enough room for the remaining colors, try decreases the size of your brush.

Step 4: Step Four: Green

Step four is going to be just like steps two and three. This time it's going to be green so just make sure that's what color your brush is and you're good to go. When working in Deviantart Muro, or any computer paint software, you should always keep in mind that ctrl-z is your friend. If you make any mistakes, just press ctrl-z and the previous stroke you made will go away. If you want to redo the undo, press ctrl-y.

Step 5: Step Five: Blue

You're almost there! Select the color blue for the second to last ribbon of color for your rainbow. You should be able to see the strokes form into a classic rainbow by now. If not, just compare your drawing to the pictures in each step and try to see where you went wrong.

Step 6: Final Step: Purple

Final step! This is going to be the last color you apply to the rainbow, so make sure you have the right color. It's going to be purple this time. You should now be able to see the rainbow clearly in your painting. You may be asking, "What was the whole point with the soda?" And I would tell you that I think regular rainbows are getting a bit boring, and a new texture spices things up. I hope this tutorial was helpful in your attempts to impress your rainbow-loving friends, thank you!

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