How to Make a Spanish Coffee 21+

Introduction: How to Make a Spanish Coffee 21+

A Flaming Spanish Coffee is an elaborate drink guaranteed to hit the spot on a cold day, or drank as an after dinner cocktail. These instructions are for ages 21 and older.

Bacardi 151

Tia Maria/ Kahlua coffee liquor

Fresh coffee
Irish coffee mug
Cinnamon sugar
Lighter or matches
Plate or Bowl

Fire hazardous

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Step 1: Rim Your Irish Coffee Mug With Cinnamon Sugar

First place your Irish coffee mug into the cinnamon sugar mixture. With your hand firmly placed on the bottom of the glass turn your glass until you have a cinnamon sugar rim.

Step 2: Pour Your 151 Rum and Ignite the Rum

1 1/2 oz - 2oz of 151 rum into your Irish coffee mug. With the glass tilted at a 45 degree angle (to prevent burning yourself) ignite the rum with a lighter or long match.

Step 3: Caramelize the Sugar

While still holding the glass at a 45 degree angle move the glass in a circular motion to caramelize the sugar on the entire rim of the glass. 

Step 4: Put Out the Fire

After caramelizing the cinnamon sugar rim, pour 2oz of Kahlua into your Irish coffee mug to put out the flame.

Step 5: Add Coffee to Your Spanish Coffee

Next pour hot coffee into your Irish coffee mug, leave 1/4 - 1/2 in at the top of the glass for whipped cream.

Step 6: Add Whipped Cream and Garnish With Fresh Nutmeg

Lastly add your whipped cream to the top of your Spanish coffee. Garnish the drink with some fresh nutmeg and serve immediately. Enjoy!

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    2 Discussions

    lreeve minick
    lreeve minick

    5 years ago

    Thank you, I live in IL and have looked for this recipe for years

    This looks awesome! It combines my favorite things, fire, alcohol, and caffeine into one drink!

    I did notice that you had a couple blank steps at the end, which you can delete easily. There's a good tutorial here if you need some pointers for a new editor :)