How to Make a Sparkler Fountain

Introduction: How to Make a Sparkler Fountain

Here's how to make a sparkler fountain! This is a fun, small project but be really careful! This gets glowing red hot, so hot that it will melt aluminum. Don't do anything stupid, and I'm not responsible for any injuries or accidents.

Step 1: Making the Fountain

Take as many sparklers as you would like and tape the metal rod ends together. I do t suggest using too many because 36 sparklers like I used gets pretty big. Take the pile of sparklers and wrap them in tin foil (leaving 3 inches of metal rod at the end an have the top open). Insert 1 sparkler into the top as a fuse, leaving in about an inch out. Squeeze the fountain firmly and you're done building.

Step 2: Lighting

Stick the group of metal rods into the ground. I sprayed the ground with water first so it doesn't burn. Make sure you keep away from flammable things. Light the fuse and get back! Watch the fire come out :D.

After use the tin foil is red hot and it probably has melted. Let it sit or spray water on it to get rid of the heat.

Here's a before and after picture.

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