How to Make a Spiky Duct Tape Rose




About: Hey guys. I am just trying to show people some cool things that they can make out of duct tape! :) btw, i am the one with blue hair.

This is a tutorial on how to make a duct tape rose. :) enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

You are going to need: -a straw or pen -one or more rolls of duct tape -an x-acto knife or scissors -a cutting mat or workspace

Step 2: Cut a Piece of Tape 2 Inches Long.

It doesnt matter if it is perfect, it will be totally fine! :)

Step 3: Make a Petal.

First flip the duct tape sticky side up. Now fold the right hand corner over to make the left and bottom form a "L" in the stickiness. Next fold over the left to make a triangle and the bottom a straight line.

Step 4: Wrap It Around the Pen Like So.

Step 5: Make a Few More to Get You Started.

Step 6: Wrap One Across From the First One.

Step 7: Now Wrap Where There Are Empty Spaces.

Step 8: Keep Repeating by Putting Petals Where You Feel Is Necessary.

Keep placing petals until you reach your desired length.

Step 9: Here Is My Progress in Making the Rose

Step 10: You Can Do More Than Just a Rose Pen With This!

You can make key chains, rings, attach them to clutches/wallets, or do anything!

Step 11: If Anyone Has a Request, Like to Make an Instructable on Something You Dont Know How to Make That Is Out of Duct Tape, Comment! :) I'll Try to Get Around to Making It!



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    5 years ago

    Thank you and it is! It looks cool! And sorry Idk how to make a picture frame.


    5 years ago

    Your Instructable Is Really Helpful. The pen I made is awsome!

    13, 6:34 PM.jpg13, 6:34 PM.jpg

    5 years ago

    How would you go about making a picture frame out of duct tape?


    5 years ago