How to Make a Star Wars X-wing



Introduction: How to Make a Star Wars X-wing

Hello fellow makers today I will show you how to make a X-wing from Star Wars.

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Step 1: Materials!

Things that you will need:

Origami paper (or any square piece of square paper)

Step 2: The Beginning Folds

First fold the paper into a half on both sides. Then fold it diagonally on both sides.

Step 3: The Collapsing Fold

Now take your folded paper and find the triangle on the bottom. Then fold the 2 other edges that aren't part of the triangle and fold them in. Finally take the top and repeat the same thing.

Step 4: The Wings

Now fold the corners down to the middle on both sides. Now fold the pointy corners up until it can't be folded more. Repeat on both sides. When done with that fold the bottom up to the top as shown in the pictures. DONE!!

Step 5: Optional

You can fold the wing tips in to make them pointed.

Step 6: You Have a X-Wing!

Now you have a Star Wars X-Wing to defend your desk from the imperials!

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