How to Make a Stop-Motion

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Intro: How to Make a Stop-Motion

Edit: this was my first ever instructable,i came back to edit my spelling and whatnot

Step 1: Materials

Whatever ya feel like guys...

A Camera And some props

Step 2: Storytelling

Every Story Needs Dialog right? correct! think of a story for your animation.. Get Creative

Step 3: Setting

Get Your Backgrounds ready and set up your IPod or camera

Step 4: Pictures

Take Your Pictures for the film and get editing

Step 5: The Result

you have completed this short tutorial now go and enjoy your new short film



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    You can use a camera and use WMM to do it (Windows Live Movie Maker).


    5 years ago

    of course theres a stop motion app by cateater on app store