How to Make a Subway Bag Blimp





Introduction: How to Make a Subway Bag Blimp

This is my first instructable

Step 1: Step 1

Stop by your local subway and get a sub to go

Now go home and eat your sub! ( hope you got something you like:) )

Step 2: Pre Pare the Bag

Take out the napkins (if there are any) and grab right below the handle (see pic below)

Step 3: Time to Blow Up the Bag

Find the hole where your hand is and blow into it

Step 4: Tie It Up

Hold on the handle and trust the bag the tie the handle (sorry I had to use a paperclip)

Congratulations you have a bag blimp



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    5 Discussions

    oh, and, you need to propell it through the air if u want it to fly through the air, and just advice, you can create paper wings and attach them to either side of the product to cause a gliding procidure.

    great instructable, though, i mean, it has immediately avalible contents to create the structure, and is very easy to make, after me, myself making it, it seems that is a effective balloon, therefore, i see almost no problem in this experiment.

    okay,, this guy IS pretty good, but otherwise, this needs spellchecking, and just to inform, a blimp is a balloon like object that floats in the air using a mix of helium and hot air, unassisted by its surroundings, so, this is not a blimp but a balloon, also, if HE had to use a paperclip, why does he expect US to not need one either, but, all in all, those were only a few problems out of a LOT that could of been on this expirementation.

    This is not a blimp, a blimp is a huge balloon that floats in the air using gases.


    2 years ago

    Amazing instructable! I'm really excited to try this. Will this work with any plastic bag, or does it need to be a Subway bag?