How to Make a Summer Wreath

Introduction: How to Make a Summer Wreath

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Step 1: Add Pipe Cleaners

You will need: 

-Metal Wreath
-32 Pipe Cleaners

Set 8 groups of 4 pipe cleaners to the side. Evenly distribute 8 pipe cleaners around the first ring of the wreath, then twist a pipe cleaner around each tick mark.  Do this with the rest of the pipe cleaners around each ring of wreath at each tick mark. You will eventually have 4 pipe cleaners at each tick mark.

Step 2: Add Ribbon

What you'll need:

-Wreath with pipe cleaners attached
-2 rolls of ribbon

Every other ring will be a different color (you could do the rings all the same or all different colors of ribbon, but this is just how I chose to do it), so first pick which color you want to be on the outer ring. Cut the ribbon to where it wraps around the outer ring 2 and a half times (you can do less or more ribbon depending on how big you want it) then cut it. Then cut the other color ribbon to where it wraps around the second outer ring 2 and a half times, and so on with the rest of the rings, don't forget to alternate colors.  After you are done cutting the ribbons, choose the first ribbon you cut and start wrapping it around the outer ring.  Leave big loops (6-12 inches, depending on how big you want it) in between each of the pipe cleaners or tick marks, whenever you pass a pipe cleaner twist it around the ribbon to keep it in place.  When you've gone completely around the outer ring you may need to add another pipe cleaner to attach the ends of the ribbon, and that's fine! If you don't need to, that's fine too! Continue with each of the rings doing the same steps. Then hide the pipe cleaners.

Step 3: Add Accessories

What you'll need:

-Wreath with ribbon and hidden pipe cleaners
-Hot Glue Gun

Once you've hidden all the pipe cleaners you can add your accessories! Of course you don't have to add them you can keep it plain, but the accessories help add that extra pizzazz! First hot glue the back of the accessories then add hot glue to the ribbon where you plan to put it, for the extra stability. Set the accessories on your chosen place and voila! Keep adding as many as you want! 

Step 4: Voila!

Your wreath is complete! 
For a similar wreath check out kdtoale 's How to Craft a Seasonal Ribbon Wreath! 

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