How to Make a Tactical Tomahawk 2

Introduction: How to Make a Tactical Tomahawk 2

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Step 1:

Hello everybody! This is another tomahawk build, I'm sorry if the photos aren't exactly as the step says, I was doing some prototyping with a different style, enjoy. I give the user die potato, credit for recommending I do this instructable.

Step 2:

First you need some pipe, I recommend steel, I used 3/4 I'd tube with 1/8 wall.

Step 3:

Now you need some good blade steel, I'm using a powerhacksaw blade I had, stainless or a different type of high carbon will work too. Now design sketch the blade shape. Then if you want to, I didn't, you can hear treat the blade now

Step 4:

Now cut out the blade, I used an angle grinder, but a jigsaw or plasma cutter will work too

Step 5:

Now make a slit in the pipe with a grinder, take your time to check the depth, it varies on your blade shape

Step 6:

I don't have photos from this step, sorry. Now you weld the blade to the pipe, I used mig but i you have tig, use it.

Step 7:

And now sharpen it! Now your "hawk" is done! Thanks for reading this and feel free to follow, like, or comment.

P.s. comment what else you want me to post. Also the last 2 photos are what the prototype is

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