How to Make a Tactical Tomahawk





Introduction: How to Make a Tactical Tomahawk

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Step 1:

You need to sketch out a design on to a sheet of steel.

Step 2:

You then need to cut out the steel. ( I messed up on mine.)

Step 3:

After you've done that you should have something like this

Step 4:

You should remove the burs and put a good edge on the blade

Step 5:

You now new to harden and temper the steel. ( ill do another instructable on that, I dont want to have a mile long instructable)

Step 6:

You should now clean up your edge and mark and drill holes for the handle. ( I'm doing a paracord handle)( when drilling ALWAYS use clamps!)

Step 7: Optional

You can paint at this point, I chose not to

Step 8:

Now time to wrap, i think you guys don't need too much instruction on it.

Step 9:

Continue this all the way down and when you get to the bottom pull both ends through and tie a square knot and melt the ends together

Step 10:

And your done! If you make this PLEASE DON'T do anything stupid with it. Feel free to comment.



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    12 Discussions

    I'd would have left alittle more steel were the head connects to the handle so it dosn't bend or break

    I used 1/8 mild steel from a local steel supplier

    What kind of steel did you use and where did you buy it from?

    Hey guys, thanks, if you have an Instagram you should follow me, I post most of my projects on it.

    awesome!!! this is what I was looking for. almost the idea I had!!!! by the way I have those shoes.

    Instant favorite!

    A bit made for metal, get a very high tpi saw blade. Also go have the jigsaw on a very slow speed

    you used a jig saw to cut metal? I just have to try that when I make my knives, before I just used a grinder and it worked fine except it assent very accurate. What kind of bit did you use?

    It was only for show when I took the photos

    Safety notes:
    • Gloves should not be worn when using equipment with fast-moving parts, such as sanding belts or spinning drill-bits. Entanglement would drag your habds into the tool.
    • When sanding at an angle, such as when adding the edge in step 4, the work-piece should be resting horizontally on the work surface, or stood vertically (in this case, point the handle straight up, rest the head on the work surface, and present the piece gently to the belt. Angled upwards, as you show, poses the risk of the belt snagging the work-piece and catapulting it towards you at speed. 
    In a commercial workshop, both these actions could result in reprimand, written warnings or even termination of employment.

    Having grumped at you, it's a cool piece. ;-)