How to Make a Tiny Book for Your Toys

Today I will show you how to make a tiny book for your toys. And I'm sorry that I haven't made an Instructables for a LONG time, it's because I didn't have any ideas.

In 1.-2. grades, I used to make a ton of books(but short and wrong spelled ones). I even got a prize for making books! I still make tiny ones, but not often. So I said myself "I can show how to make a tiny book!", and started to craft!

Step 1: Your Materials

For this instructables, you will need:

-Paper(any color you want)
-Colorful Pens, Pencils, Decos, etc.

Got 'em all? Then lets start!

Step 2: Simple: Cut, Punch, and Done

Making a book is easy. First, you have to cut pieces in the same size and shape(1 different colored piece, a few white paper pieces). After that fold them in the shape of a book(Colored piece=out cover, white pieces=pages of the book), if need cut the sides(except the folded side) for equality, and punch them with Stapler/Stample.

Step 3: Last Decorations, and Complete!

Decorate as you wish, and you are done! You can now play with your books, share them with your friends, or you can just read them.

Like this instructables if you found it enjoyable, and check out my other ones. Bye Bye!



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