How to Make a Triple Single on the Monster Tail

Introduction: How to Make a Triple Single on the Monster Tail

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Heyo, and welcome to my instructable on a triple single for the monster tail loom! Hope you have fun!

You will need a monster tail loom, a hook, an s-clip, and bands. ( the amount depends on wrist size )

When you have your supplies, move onto step 1!

Step 1:

Place an "hourglass" type shape over six pegs.

Step 2:

Uh oh! I forgot to take a picture of the three bands but all you do is put the bands across two pegs and then pull the bar type thing over.

Step 3:

Place a connecting band on top of your bands over three pegs.

Step 4:

Place more bands on top.

Step 5:

Go inside of the connecting bar and hook the bands.

Step 6:

Hook the other sides normally.

Step 7:

Now you're going to place more bands on top and then hook the connecting bar over. Hook, place connecting bands, and repeat the process.

Step 8:

When you think it fits your wrist, hook anything but hook it down to where there is one band on each peg.

Step 9:

Then carefully move all the bands to one peg.

Step 10:

Scoop them up with your hook. Then take one last band and make a slip knot. Then clip it.

Step 11:

You're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! The steps can get confusing, but don't give up! It just takes practice!

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Bye and I'll be bringing more instructables next time! :|)

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    mazzy mitchell
    mazzy mitchell

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I bet you could. I guess just put a rubber band around the two. Sorry for not seeing your comment earlier!

    Kathryn 22
    Kathryn 22

    5 years ago

    Good job Mazzy