How to Make a Triple-single Bracelet and a Single Bracelet on a Loom



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Okay first I will show you how to make a triple single then I will show you how to make a single and connect it to the triple to make a bracelet

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together

You will need
1. Some rubber bands(I used red and green
2. The loom
3. A crochet hook(to connect the bands)
4. Two C clips to hold the band together

Step 2: Start Putting Your Rubber Bands On

You will want to put them on the outside first . One side of the rubber band will be overlapping another and it will be under another. Also the arrow should be facing away from you.

Step 3: Add Triangles Around the Bands

Don't put the triangles on the first clip or the last three. You just make a triangle with the bands

Step 4: Tie the Bands Together

Ol turn your loom the the Cs are facing you. pit a rubber band on the end this is like your beggining triangleFor the first bands of the put your crochet hook between the triangle band and the band on that hook. You pull the band up leaving one band on bottom from the previous one and you take it and connect it to the next hook. You have to start at the middle since that's what you put on last and is on top then go to the next one on top at the beggining

Step 5: Out One of the C Clips on Each End

Pull just the end rubber bands out a little and stretch them then slip the c clip on you want to make sure you get all of the bands on the ends

Step 6: Now Pull It Off

Pull the band off and you have your triple single part. Now just the single left to make and attach

Step 7: Put on the Bands

Just like in the triple you put one on top of the other except you do this one in a diagonal pattern.

Step 8: Connect the Bands

Take the crochet hook and put it between the top band and the bottom band then catch the bottom on your hook and pull it up and onto the next hook keep doing this tell you're done

Step 9: Connect the Triple Single and Single

Connect the c clip to one end and the other c clip to the other end and pull off the single

Step 10: Now You Have Your Bracelet



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