How to Make a Two Colour Peruvian Wave Bracelet



Introduction: How to Make a Two Colour Peruvian Wave Bracelet

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A couple years ago I went to Mexico for a vacation and as a souvenir we bought these Peruvian wave bracelets. And when I first saw them I thought you had to be some like extremely skilled person to make these but just recently I found out its actually not that hard. With that being said they're one of my favourites because their pretty easy to make if you do these knots properly and their really nice.

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Step 1: Supplies

To make the Peruvian wave bracelet you're going to need the following:

1) two colours of string (I'm using embroidery floss)
2) cord (about 65cm long)
3) scissors
4) glue (I'm using normal white glue)
5) a lighter
6) a safety pin

Step 2: Cutting Your Strings

Things needed for this step:

1) the strings you're going to use
2) scissors

Take your two colours of string and cut 5 strings of each colour the length of your arms spread out. You're probably thinking that these strings are going to be too long and hard to work with but don't worry because we're going to change that in the next step.

Step 3: The Knot of Your Bracelet

Things needed for this step:

1) the cord you're going to use
2) the stings you're going to use

To start this step you'll have to fold your cord in half. Now comes the determination of which colour you want to be snaking down your bracelet and the one you want at the sides. For example I want dark blue snaking down my bracelet and yellow at the sides. So for me when I fold the strings in half I should see all the blue strings in the middle. Now, it's time for the knot. Lay down your strings, and place the cord in the middle where we folded our strings. Now with one side make a loop and place the end over the other strings. Now take the other side of your strings and put it through the loop we made on the other side. Now give both sides a tug. Now you're done your knot.

Step 4: The Bracelet

Things needed for this step:

1) your strings (now attached to the cord)
2) a safety pin

Open your safety pin and put the loop you made with the cord onto it an pin it wherever you like wether it's to your bed sheets or your pants. Basically wherever feels comfortable for you. For example I like to pin my bracelets to my bed sheets. Now take one side of your strings and bring it to the other. Now you should see that the colour you wanted going down the middle is between the colours you want at the sides. Now take the first string, and make a 4 over the first cord and tie a knot. Do that twice. Now take that string under the first cord and repeat that step on the second cord. Do that same step on every string till all your strings are on the other side of the cord then it gets different.

Step 5: Continuing

Things needed for this step:

Same things we used in the last

Now we're going to go to the right which is slightly different from going to the left. The only difference is that when you make the shape of a 4 to make the knot rather than going over the cord you go under. Just follow these two easy steps and your bracelet is practically done!

Step 6: Finishing It Off

Things needed for this step:

1) scissors
2) glue
3) a lighter
4) and obviously your unfinished bracelet (I didn't even need to add that to the photo><)

As a starter cut off all the excess strings. Once you've done that measure the bracelet around your wrist and decide how much cord you need to leave to fit through the loop and tie around your wrist. Then cut off as much cord as you don't need. Then take your lighter and burn the ends of your cords. And finally, glue the ends where we cut off the excess strings. I also like to use the little bit of cord we cut off to spread the glue along the ends. Now wait a bit for your glue to dry and you have a wavy bracelet that you can show off your waviness to the world with!

Hope this instructable helped you!

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