How to Make a Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon From Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows




Introduction: How to Make a Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon From Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Hi! Have you ever wanted a Ukrainian Ironbelly from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? Well, I have, and I didn't see any other Instructables for it. So, here it is!

Step 1: Inspiration

Find a picture of a Ukrainian Ironbelly!

Step 2: Supplies

These are the supplies you'll need for your dragon! -Dinosaur toy -Scissors, pliers, or a wrench -Sanding tool -foam (the color of your dragon) -felt (the color of your dragon) -hot glue gun -gold chain

Step 3: Find Your Dino

Find a toy dinosaur. I just happened to have a toy from McDonalds that looked exactly like a Ukrainian Ironbelly, but you can use any dinosaur you have.

Step 4: Removin' the Arms

Cut off the arms (NOT THE LEGS!!!) of your dinosaur! The picture shows me cutting the arms off with scissors, but I ended up pulling them off with a wrench. Also, don't worry about taking the arms clean off because you're going to be covering them up later.

Step 5: Sanding the Arms (Or What's Left)

If there are any sharp points after you cut off the arms, just sand them off with a sanding tool.

Step 6: Making the Wings

To make the wings for your dragon, get your foam.

Step 7: Still Making the Wings

Trace the shape of the wings on the foam twice, with a pencil or Sharpie. Next, cut them out. (I had to paint my wings so they matched my dragon.)

Step 8: Making the INSIDE of the Wings

For the inside of the wings, put the foam wings on felt and trace in the spaces between the webbed parts with a pencil or Sharpie. After you do that, cut it out.

Step 9: Assembling the Wings

For this part, hot glue the felt inside the empty web part of the foam wings. Do this to both wings.

Step 10: Wings+Body=DRAGON

Put hot glue on the arm "stumps", then place the wings on the glue and wait for it to dry. You're almost done!

Step 11: Chain of Events

Take your hot glue (again) and put hot glue all around the neck and also some behind the wing. Then, get about seven or eight inches of gold chain (maybe more or less depending on your dragon's size) and try to cover up the hot glue with your chain as you wrap it around the neck and behind the wing. Leave about 1 1/4 inches extra, hanging off of the dragon's neck. DO NOT CUT IT OFF!!!


YAY! You now have your own pet Ukrainian Ironbelly! If your want, trim off any extra hot glue that might have dripped over. Enjoy!



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    WOW I really love you tutorial on this dragon. Can I please ask where did you get the chain and how tall is your dragon?
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    For those of you wondering where that McToy came from that had such an appropriate donor head, that's "Rudy" from Ice Age: Continental Drift.

    I do but wre usually have to give away our toys for kids who need them when we get too much

    Coulsen the dog, keep track of your toys, will ya? Thanks for the compliment!

    *lose* sorry I'm a grammar freak

    i loose like every single McDonald toy I have ever owned, and yes I did loose this too, this is great btw?

    Happylist, yet again I feel special

    Haha! You should try to make this then, TimsProjects!

    I had that exact McDonalds toy!!!!