How to Make a Useful Weapon

Introduction: How to Make a Useful Weapon

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Step 1: Materials.

Pipe,Stick,Or PVC
Duck tape

Step 2: Construction

First aline the knife and in my case PVC pipe

Step 3: Duck Tape

Wrap some duck tape around the pipe and knife. But be sure to make it tight so it will not move around(trust me i failed at my first attempt).

Step 4: Optional

You can also cut a small line where the knife folds if it folds well that's all plz like and leave comments in the comments section. Hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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    3 Discussions

    brian is surviving
    brian is surviving

    Tip 5 months ago

    i would suggest using string and then duct tape also change the knife to a locked knife if you want

    It's his Instructable, he can do anything he wants to it, so what if it has been called a spear for many centuries!