How to Make a Water Distiller for $5




In a survival situation, water is life. And when the only water you have is contaminated, distilling is a method that can still purify water to make it safe for drinking. However, many distillers are either very expensive, very large, or both.

In this video, I give you a look at how to make your own distiller, that is small enough to fit in your bug out bag, for less than $5.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very good idea but, please, please wear eye protection and also, water distillation will kill all living "things" in the water and will leave behind the solids but, volatile chemicals will also evaporate with the H20, ending up in the drinking water. After you distill, pass the water thru an activated carbon filter which will absorb the remaining bad chemicals. Plenty of info. on this on the internet. Research water purification methods and find which methods reduce or eliminate what chemicals and use them in conjunction with one another.

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    The Daily Prephbueso

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah very true. Since I created this, I had learned that as well.

    Water purification is an interesting science. There is straining the bad guys out (filtration), killing the bad guys and leaving them in (purification via chemical or heat), and trying to take all the good stuff out and leave the bad (distialation).

    Like you point out, it seems like the more methods you combine the better (although the only surefire way would be to know exactly which "bad guys" are in the water).

    Thanks for watching and for the comment!


    5 years ago