Wooden Guitar Stand




Introduction: Wooden Guitar Stand

This guitar stand was made entirely of found wood scraps and pieces of molding. No plans were used it was designed 100% on the fly.

Step 1:


1.scrap wood 

2.wood stain 


4.wood glue 

5.wood screws  


1.mitering saw 


3.sand paper 

4.power drill 

5.paint brush

Step 2:

Use the 45 degree cuts with the mitering saw to make a triangle base about 15" wide. Glue the pieces together making sure the joints are tight. You may want to add a piece of wood in the center for stability. Just center the base over any size board of the same thickness and mark out the edges with a pencil. Cut it out and glue it to the base.

Step 3:

Now take a scrap 1x2 and make 2 more 45 cuts both in the same direction. and glue and screw it into place on your triangle base. Make sure not to attach it too close to the front of the base. You need to leave room for the lip that the guitar sits on.  

Step 4:

now cut a smaller length of the same board with another 45 cut on one end only. Glue it to the board you just attached to the base so that it is positioned vertically.     

Step 5:

Now cut another length from the same board that is a few inches shorter. Use a circle pattern to mark a notch. Then use your dremel with the all purpose cutter attachment to get a rough cut and then sand it down. Next glue the neck holder to the top piece. Finally add a thin piece of wood to the front of the base for the bottom of the guitar to rest on. I used a piece of angled molding. Works Great!

Step 6:

After you have smoothed everything out with sand paper you can stain it whatever color you want and throw a coat or two of polyurethane on. Mine came out looking really nice. Yours may not turn out exactly like mine but if you follow the same basic design you will have an attractive quality guitar stand. 

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3 Discussions


10 years ago on Introduction

 Well, I have to admit you did an excellent job on the stand, I love the jaunty angles.

It could do with some step by step pictures for the rest of the instructable to complete it.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Thanks. I have taken your advice and posted more pictures. I hope this makes it a bit clearer.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

 That does make it a bit clearer, thanks.

For future reference pictures taken along the way can really make for a better instructable.

I know it can be a pain taken pictures, I always fall into the trap of getting so involved with the making that the picture taking is often forgotten about!