How to Make a Youtube Video.




Introduction: How to Make a Youtube Video.

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Have you ever wanted seen a youtube video and ask to yourself "could I do that?" By following this instructible you can make your own video.

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Step 1: The Basics

Here I will be using my video "Gourmet eggman". To add media to your video go to file, import, media, then select the folder your desided video/audio file is stored that is to be used, select the project media tab from the bottom of the left hand window and drag and drop your file into the timeline, the timeline is the rectangular box at the bottom of the screen. MAKE SURE YOUR MEDIA WILL LINE UP WITH THE TIMELINE'S STARTING POSITION. The program I use is Sony Vegas 8.0, I recommend it but if you can't afford the $800 program, Windows Movie Maker should do fine, and it works simular to Vegas, its just Vegas is more percise with the timeline, and easier to use, not to mention the chroma keyer (blue/green screen editor).

Step 2: Putting It Together

Ok, your media is in the timeline, now you need to edit it, simply go to the desired clip of the video (the beginning of the clip of coarse) and devide it by pressing the "S" key, the go to the end of the clip chosen and repeat, drag or perferably "copy" the clip as you you would an image on the web, go to the location on the timeline you wish to place the clip and eather set it there or if you copied it, paste it there. to edit something as precise as a one framed clip, zoom in the timeline by going to the edge of the panning bar under the timeline and narrow it. a frame is one image that helps create an amimation or film. "Gourmet Eggman" has thousands of individual frames.

Step 3: Uploading It to Youtube for the World to See.

now save your video, and render it by going to File, render as, Youtube prefers AVI files. After rendering close your editing program. assuming you have a Youtube account, go to a random video, click the gold upload button to the upper right courner of the window, browse the folder your video is in and select your video and press open, create a title, description and tags (key terms people search in the search engine, pick frequently used ones).

Step 4: Be Patient.

Now all you have to do is wait till the video is fully uploaded, this takes from a half hour to several hours depending on the video length and quality, so grab a beer, and be patient, and there you have it. YOUR OWN YOUTUBE VIDEO THE WORLD CAN ENJOY.

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