How to Make a Lego Snowmobile




Introduction: How to Make a Lego Snowmobile

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Hi I will show you guys how to make a lego skidoo.

Step 1: The Parts You Will Need

Step 2: Chassis

Take your chassis and add your 2x4 brick and put it on like this. Then add your white brick and add it on the back. What you do after you take your bumper and your 1x2 hole brick and put it on like this. After that where going to take both of 1x2 stirped bricks and put it on like this. Take your 1x2 bricks and you two clips and your handlebars with your light connector and your mirrors and do this. After that take your wind shield and put it on like this. Now you are done the chassis part

Step 3: The Skis

Take your two 1x4 bricks and your grey 1x4 brick and do this.After turn your skis up side down and put you 1x2 brick and do this. Then take you two triangle bricks and do this. Put the skis on your ski doo. we are now done the skis part

Step 4: The Track

Take your two 2x3 bricks and do this then put the track on your ski doo like this.

Step 5: Customize Your Skidoo

We can put on lights suspension on your ski doo be creative!



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    Thanks very much Austydude !

    Yo I'm gonna like Favourite vote and share and follow!

    Awesome job, it really looks like a snow mobile!

    I also appreciated that you used a plain, simple, light colored background which makes it way easier to see the blocks! I did notice you have a big shadow in it though, so it might help if you turned the backdrop more towards the light, or used n additional light source. Hope that helps! Everything else is great!

    Please comment!