How to Make All Natural Beef Tendon Dog Treats




Introduction: How to Make All Natural Beef Tendon Dog Treats

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For those that are concerned about ingredients in the treats they feed their dogs, this recipe is a winner! There are only two ingredients, beef tendon and olive oil. Beef tendon can be easily obtained at your local Asian foods market

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Step 1: Ingredients & Supplies

You will need; beef tendon, olive oil, a kitchen brush, a good knife, a cutting board, some tin foil and a drying rack/drippings pan combo for the oven.

Before you start anything, turn the oven on to it’s lowest possible setting.

Step 2: Preparing the Beef Tendon

Tendons naturally occur in pairs. Find the part of the tendon where you can easily pry them apart. Taking your knife, gently fillet the tendons apart.

Step 3: Oiling the Tendons

Taking your kitchen brush, lightly coat all the tendons in olive oil. The oil will prevent the tendons from getting overly dry. Place the oiled tendons on the drying rack. Make sure that the drippings pan is coated with tin foil, this will make clean-up easier

Step 4: Baking Time

Place the pan in the middle rack of the oven and let the tendons dry for about 2 hours. The tendons will shrink by about 50% with the drying process

Step 5: The Final Touches

Allow the tendons to cool down for a few minutes and then trim off any excess fat.
Cut the tendons into appropriate bite sized peices for your dog and you’re done!
Store these treats in the fridge to prevent spoilage.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Is it gooey or sticky? Will it get my carpet nasty when my dog puts it on the floor? Does it get their fur gunked up if they touch it with their paws?


    4 years ago

    So is this for food, or for a chew? I'm hoping to make some chews for my pups, and my problem with this recipe is that a chew should be BIG, not bite size. Otherwise, thanks for the tips!