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A while back I posted a tutorial on how to make a custom fit martingale for your dog. Making an adjustable martingale has a little twist to it and this tutorial will show you how to make an adjustable martingale, which is handy for owners that have a growing puppy.

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Step 1: Tools & Supplies

The tools & supplies needed for this project are pretty simple. You will need some 1″ webbing, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, a D-ring, three sliders and a sewing machine.
If you can’t find the sliders, metal O-rings or D-rings will do just fine. But you will need a plastic slidelock for the adjustable part of the collar.

Some sources that I use for hardware & supplies are

cdwplus & strapworks

However, most local fabric stores will carry all the supplies that you need.

Step 2: Sewing on the First Slider

First, we are going to make the main part of the collar. For this tutorial I made a medium sized collar, so I cut a 20 inch piece of webbing. Fold the webbing over one loop of the slider and sew two seams so that the finished product looks like the second picture.

Step 3: Making the Control Loop Part 1

Cut a 12 inch length of webbing and thread on the remaining sliders. To add the D-ring, overlap the webbing ends by about two inches & pin them as demonstrated in the picture.

Step 4: Making the Control Loop - Part 2

Sew 2 seams each on either side of the D-ring co that the finished product looks like the second picture.

Step 5: Putting the Collar Together

Taking the end of the main webbing of the collar, thread the it through the one of the sliders of the control loop, taking care to make sure that the D-ring is facing to the outside. Now thread the webbing through the slider of the collar.

 Finally, thread the collar webbing through the last control loop slider as demonstrated in the second picture.

Step 6: Finishing the Collar

Sew two seams to finish the last end of the collar and you’re ready to put your new collar on your dog!

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Robert Monter

2 years ago

Very interesting ! I wanna try with this


4 years ago on Introduction

I would also like to know how to determine exactly what length webbing you need for a collar and how much it will adjust


4 years ago

You said you were making a medium collar, what would you cut your webbing at (main collar and control loop) for a large or extra-large collar? Also, what is the range in inches that a collar will adjust to for a med, lrg, or x-lrg collar? I can't wait to make some collars


7 years ago on Introduction

Thank you SOOOOO much! I've made 1.5 of these so far, I've learned to PIN before I sew. (LOL!) only had to undo it twice to learn. And now, my dog is the most stylish in the town I live in, with custom ladybug collars :) yeah! Thank you again! so so so much! I'd followed your first tut for the martingdale collar, and needed to get a pattern for an adjustable, as I'm shipping out 4 of these (yes FOUR! woah!) :) and I want the customer to be able to resize in case they or I messed up lol!
Awesomeness at its best! thank you!

ps. I found a LOT of the hardware on Etsy as well, since my fabric store is an hour away, AND don't carry the hardware. :(

2 replies

This is DewDrop, aka the Dew Handsome. LOL! sporting his new collar. sorry for the multi posts, didn't realize I could post a pic!


I've tried to get the PDF, but I can't even with an account :( I wanted to get this one, the martingdale one and the adjustable (buckle collar one). any idea why I can't or is there a way I can have them emailed to me?


8 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the useful instructions, and i will DIY one for my puppy dog. BTW, I would like to share a nice store to those who also might be interested in making a dog collar, and that is where you can find nylon webbing, D-rings, metal fasteners and many hardware tools.


8 years ago on Introduction

I have made these dog collars out of material for my small dogs. The nylon webbing was a little too heavy for them, but if you double up material in the strip and add smaller hardware it is perfect for the little guys.


9 years ago on Introduction

Would you mind going back and in Step 2, adding some sources to find the materials? 

1 reply

9 years ago on Introduction

great instructions! i made one recently for my Pharaoh Hound I wish  I had your instructions then! it may not have been so maddening. good job!