How to Make an Air Gun From a Pool Soaker




This a quick tutorial on how to make a pool soaker into an air gun! Shoot marbles, nerf darts, apple cores and much more from this cool contraption!

Estimated time to build: 5 minutes

Tools required: pool soaker, screwdriver or drill, and ammo!

Step 1: Unscrew the End

Simply unscrew the end, and remove.

Step 2: Remover the Plunger Suppressor

Simply twist off the plunger suppressor. This will be on tight. It is easy if you hold onto one of the plastic bands on the toy, while twisting. Once this is done, remove it and the plunger from the main part of the soaker.

Step 3: Put a Hole in the Plunger

Use your screwdriver, drill or any other sharp object to pierce the plunger and make a hole about half an inch wide. It does not have to be round, just somewhat large.

Step 4: Re-Assemble

Reassemble the soaker, minus the ball shaped end.

Step 5: Fire!

Put your finger, or a piece of tape over the small hole where the water came out, load the ammo of your choice into the yellow tube and pull back to fire.

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    4 years ago

    Tomorrow. I'll put it on YouTube and link it