How to Make an App Using Xcode

Introduction: How to Make an App Using Xcode

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Making an App for apple IPhones and IPads can be very difficult. Once you understand how Xcode works It is very easy to make your own app.

Step 1: What Will I Need to Start

1)Apple Computer

2) Xcode app for Macs

3)Swift or C++

Step 2: Swift and C+

Swift and C+ is a basic coding software. Swift is mostly used in Apple apps. To under stand more of Swift you can either download it app(swifty) on to a apple device(not a mac). One you feel like you understand one of these codes really well you can dive right in to Xcode.

Step 3: Xcode Set Up

When the Xcode start up screen comes up you want to click on the second button (Create a new Xcode Project). After you have picked this you will want to pick Single View Application. From there you need to name your product. Through out the project you can change the name so don't spend all your time on it. After you type a name you need to pick what coding you will be using. This will be the fifth bar down. After you are done it will bring you to the final set up set. All you have to do is push create. The file will then be put straight on to your desktop.

Step 4: Xcode

Once you have finish the set up of your Xcode you will get a screen with three windows. On the far left there will be the name of your product and below that you want to look for Main.storyboard and the third to last file that has supporting files. After you click on the file you want to click on the main.m

Step 5: Main.storyboard

First start by using the Main.storyboard. You can create how the app looks. In the bottom right corner you want to click on the button with a square in side of a circle. From there you want to go down to the search bar and type in text. Drag the text box over on to the screen and position it from there. After you have done this you know the basic drag and drop. Play around with different stuff. The more you understand and use it the easier it will get to use.

Step 6: Main.m

The main.m is where the coding goes. It is really easy to use. Once you know how to code it should be easy. Again have fun and mess around with this.

Step 7: Testing

Up in the top write corner there is a play button. To test you app push the play button and test out your app. You can change stuff you don't like our that does not work. Have fun and if it does not work at first try again Its really fun to use once you under stand it.

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