How to Make an EASY Self Defense Weapon





Step 1: Materials

All you need is an old magazine you do not want anymore or 6 pieces of paper. (Optional): tape

Step 2: Folding

Get all pieces of paper or the magazine and fold one inch every time(vertically). The fold in the middle horizontal. ( in the pictures i am just using a piece of paper so I don't waste the rest. Don't use one piece of paper if you are using paper

Step 3: U R Finished

Now you are done! This weapon is for people who don't know how to fight and for people who do. One quick strike, and the attacker will have a lot of pain. SAFETY: DO NOT THIS TO THREATEN ANYONE OR ANYTHING!!! THIS US ONLY TO DEFEND YOURSELF, NOT TO BEAT UP PEOPLE FOR NO REASON!!!

Step 4: Using This

Use the end point of the weapon (it should be hard) this end is where it hurts most. Also, hold it where the to ends stick out. Hold them together, and make sure the hard point is upwards in your hand, and the two endpoints point downwards.



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    Question 8 months ago

    How do you protec urself from more than one attackers in a fight where you get snuck up on and people try to rob you. Thank you so much,