How to Make an Enchanted Object (The Golden Ticket From the Chocolate Factory)

Introduction: How to Make an Enchanted Object (The Golden Ticket From the Chocolate Factory)

OK, the enchanted object contest is up and it seems no one knows what or how to make for it.

Here is a write up on what to make, where to find it and how to replicate it.

I will be making Willy Wonkas Golden Ticket so read on to find out the who, what, where, why and how about enchanted objects.

Step 1: Deciding What to Make.

Here is a list of a few things I had on my list of things to make:

  • Mine craft diamond pickaxe
  • Lego movie piece of resistance
  • Wonkas golden ticket

So if you want you can make the things I have listed, they are a few things I thought of straight away after seeing the contest.

Step 2: Gather Evidence

It is time to gather all the possible facts about your object in mind.

Look it up in Google, Google images and Wikipedia.

You will need the following specs on your design:

  • Dimensions.
  • What it was made out of?
  • Who made it in the first place (some things aren't affordable),
  • how durable was it (The Xenomorph from AVP was housed on the Gold Coast for a while and it broke),
  • Are you going to have the time to make it?

Once you have considered the above you can get to work!

Step 3: Put It Together

My project was very simple, it only required a printer and some paper.

After a few searches I found what the original looked like, what was written on it and the dimensions.

A Google image search brought me the picture of the original template so I was able to get a screenshot and resize it in Adobe Photoshop.

I then printed it out on paper and finished it by cutting it out.

If your project is a costume/book/3D object it might be a little harder to replicate.



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    Very nice! I am surprised that no one had thought of this before now. Nice images too!

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