How to Make an Extremely Powerful Wooden Crossbow!

in this video i am showing you how to make an extremely powerful compound crossbow



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much Good news for make wood crossbow, I like all this that you write. I wrote an article about the crossbow as well. Would like to share my site. Please permit me too. Thank you very much

    Part of my contents : Because crossbow made from real wood stock is very much valuables. The product is the only one in the world. No duplicate pattern, Durability, Beautiful, Magical, The classical sense be proud to own. The collection can be stored or used to decorations. May give to friends as gifts and can be applied in various activities. For example ,accessories climbing, sports, training precision. When in use, will be exposed to the genuine nature of the wood. And if there is an emergency, it can be used as a weapon to protect themselves from harm.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have a few concerns about your crossbow. The first is that those pulleys max out at around 50lbs. You are seriously at risk of flying shrapnel if they fail. Second is your choice of wood for the tiller. Pine is too weak, especially where you compromised it's integrity with the wide slot through it. Third, your plywood trigger is FAR to weak. It's not a matter of if it will break, rather it's a matter of when, and it launches it's arrow at whoever is unlucky enough to be nearby. Finally, your bow may be tied, but there is nothing stopping it from shifting on the tiller. You stand a very good chance of having it break loose and ending up with a face full of taped metal bars. You're on the right track, but try and focus a bit more on what 'may' go wrong. If it seems like it may be too weak, it probably is.