How to Make an Origami Ninja Star




I have previously been doing Minecraft videos so please let me know how these go!

Step 1:

First fold it in half. Then unfold.

Step 2:

Then cut down the middle.

Step 3:

Fold both of them two times. Then unfold.

Step 4:

Fold both of them in half the opposite way.

Step 5:

Then fold it in a zigzag way.

Step 6:

Fold the ends to the line.

Step 7:

Then fold the square into a triangle and fold it on the middle.

Step 8:

This is the confusing part. First fold the two triangles up then keep folding them down one layering on one until finally you tuck in the end piece of the triangle. Have fun.



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    4 years ago

    For step 3 do not un fold